Tuesday, July 26, 2011

McKenzie's Branson Brainteaser

McKenzie's Branson Brainteaser is written by Shari Barr.  McKenzie Phillips is a 13 year old girl growing up in Montana.  She lives with her dad, her mom, her 8 year old brother, and her horse Sahara.

In this book McKenzie and the rest of the Camp Club Girls are solving their first missing persons case.  The Camp Club Girls all live in different states but they help each other solve mysteries. The girls first met at Discovery Lake Camp where they all shared the same cabin. McKenzie is in Branson, MO working at the Dixie Showcase, and playing at Silver Dollar City.  Her friend Sydney lives in Washington, DC and is coming to visit her for a week. McKenzie and Sydney are staying with McKenzie's mother's friend, from college, who works at silver dollar city at the basket weaving shop.   

McKenzie needs to help Shara Hayden find her uncle and tell him that his family has forgiven him before Sydney has to go home.  Shara's uncle was tired of working in the family law business, and wanted to start a wood crafting business of his own .  His family got mad at him for wanting to leave the business, and the only person who understood  why he wanted to leave was his sister. He quit the family business and disappeared.  He moved to Branson, where he started his own wood crafting shop.  After he quit they never heard from him and did not know where he was.  Shara Hayden was four when she last saw her uncle and now she is a teenager.  She said her uncle has been gone for 14-15 years.

I could relate to McKenzie, because she has curly auburn hair and so do I.  I like this book because it is a Christian mystery book and I love mystery books. My favorite part was the ending.  I can not wait to read more books in the Camp Club Girls series.

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